Lulu's been a great addition to our family! We can't imagine living a day without her now. She's so playful and stole all of our hearts! Thanks for such a wonderful puppy! Maltipoo
Hi I'm Kizzi, I got my name cause I like to give kisses.  Here's a picture of me sporting my new "Doogles".    Love to go 4 wheelin-Mom & Dad put me in a seat between them in our side-by-side.   Morkie
Testimonial Snapshots
"A tisket, tasket it's Song!  She is sweet and sneaky!  Everyone who meets her adores her!  She loves going in her doggy bag to Target or the mall with me and  playing outside.  "
 He is the happiest little guy; he loves playing with the kids, seems to enjoy it when they dress him up, lets them carry him everywhere, loves making new friends with the dogs in our neighborhood and teaching them how to play, and even plays with the cats next door.  He has been such a lovable addition to our family.  We just adore him. MalShiPoo
Vito is 4 years old now and still as sweet as he was the day I got him from Kountry Puppy!  He Loves camping and greeting us with his toys when we get home, reading the newspaper with his "Daddy" and is sooo smart!  He high fives, waits to get treats off his nose, sits, stands, lays down, etc.  Vito also loooves to go for rides!!  We took several long trips and he sleeps in my arms the whole time.  I Love my baby Morkie! ~Vicki 
"Thank you for the healthy puppy.  We are having a blast with 'Rocky'.  He is so smart and catches on so quickly.  He learned to sit in about 10 minutes...We decided to litter box train him from about the 3rd day we had him and it is wonderful.  He caught on so quickly...Thanks so much for everything!  We are so happy! ~ 
Scott and Lindsey       Morkie
This is Nelly.  Our Puppy has been wonderful.  She was a real hit at the vet's when we took her in for her first visit.  She is a very healthy puppy and they felt we couldn't have pick a cuter one.  They were impressed with the vet slip you sent with and they said everything was covered well.  She took to the puppy pad training right away.  She is adjusting well and we love her.  Thank you for the care given of the pupies.  I am so pleased we came upon your website.  You have been great to work with and we are very happy with our little girl!
Morkie~  This is Diesel!   I weigh 8 pounds.  I love my toys and playing fetch with my family!  My family doesn't know what they would do without me!
"This is our little Layla Belle that we absolutely love to pieces! She has brought so much joy into our family and is the best addition! With that, she is extremely spoiled and loved by everyone that meets her! Her personality is full of spunk and love! She just loves being the center of attention and being around people of all ages! She is excellent with kids and at only 4 months old she is 95% potty trained, knows many commands and tricks, walks on a leash great and is fully crate trained! Thank you for breeding such an amazing puppy and providing such great service! You have been the best! Thank you- Travis and Trinette Cottage Grove, MN "
"Cash (Johnny) has been a special addition to my husband and I.  His name matches his personality and hair of all things.  Loves walks, curling up...The look in his eyes melts your heart with one blink and of course makes it very easy to spoil him rotten.  Thank you for a great pet!"
 "Zoey is such a blessing and we don't know what we would do without her.  She was so easy to train and rarely barks.  She is the perfect little lapdog and loves going everywhere with us.  She is wonderful with the kids....Thanks for such a loving and healthy puppy!"
 "Hi, I'm Dixie and am a Morkie.  I am spoiled rotten and loved.  My family loves me back and I don't know what they would do without me.  I am very well behaved with all kids."
Bella~ "We absolutely love her!!  Bella is doing great, she weighs 4.4 pounds at 16 weeks.  The house training has been going very well.  Thanks again for selling us such a wonderful, healthy puppy.  Jody from Paynesville, MN
We got Rusty on Feb 21,2011, he now rules!! He has been very entertaining. Very well behaved and trained very easy. 
"Tucker is a complete joy.  He loves everyone, loves to play, but also loves to cuddle when he's tired.  He is truly a lap dog.  I get tons of compliments on how cute he is, and I think so too!  He's a blast to have around and full of personality.  We don't have children, but seems to do well with the kids that have been around him.  We thank you for our 1st bundle of joy!
Thanks so much,   Kayla and Nathan Fandrich
Macey has been a blessing to our family.  We all adore her and she's the limelight all the time.  She was 4.1 pounds at her last checkup and is doing just great.  Our vet commended the breeder on doing such a great job with worming her and everything.  She is so much fun and more affectionate than we ever imagined..."  Their daughter says:  "I couldn't have asked for anything better for my 16th birthday present!"
"Sammi is our morkie.  We love her more than we ever thought we could love a dog.  She is VERY smart...she is also very cuddly and loveable.  We have not had any health problems with her.  After meeting Sammi, my friend, Jana bought a morkie from you and so did my Aunt Cheryl.  Keep up the good work!!  Joleen~ Wisconsin
"We named our little guy Oakley!  He is absolutely wonderful!  I seriously can't imagine life without him!"  Amanda
"My name is Oscar, I am a Morkie and weigh 5 pounds, I have brought so much joy to my new family.  I am a very playful, energetic little puppy and I do the funniest things.  I am so happy to have been chosen by my family, I LOVE them so much.  I am a fast learner and enjoy being around other puppies.  Thanks Kountry Puppy!"
"This is Charlie!  He is a fun, loving puppy!  He loves to play with kids, snuggle and always keeps us on our toes, but overall is very friendly and loyal.  I take him with me everywhere I go, and everyone he meets is adored by his cute little face.  He is a joy to our family, and we are very happy and lucky to have him!  Thank you!!:)Morkie
"The puppies we boughr from you 3 & almost 4 years ago now are very happy & healthy!!  Belle (Morkie) is a spunky little ball of fluff & all my dog!!!  She is tiny & weighs a whopping 5 pounds....Cinder (Maltipoo)...has been tipping the scales at just over 10 pounds, but still full of love.  Both are really good girls!!!  Love them!!!"
"A picture of Zeke with his big sister Sadie, they are getting along great.  Thanks so much, we just love the little monster!"
Brenda & Kevin                           Morkie
This is Frannie.  We adopted her from Kountry Puppy on Mar. 31.  I don't know what else to say other than we absolutely adore her!  Thank you so much for providing us with this cutie pie- she adds a little laughter to our home daily!  The Nelsons'
"...thank you for such a wonderful puppy...Cinder has brought many smiles to our home...She is loving, playful, protective and a welcomed addition to our family.  She is 4 mo. old and at her last appt. weighed just over 4 pounds.  Everywhere we take her everyone comments on how adorable she is.  If we are ever in the market for another puppy, we will for sure come to Kountry Puppy first..."
Kim Beslin & family~ Rosemount, MN 
"We've enjoyed getting to know cody.  He immediatly became an important part of our family.  Fun-loving personality, loves people and other animals."                      Judy M.
"This is Harvee in the boat with us...we picked him up on Mar. 30, 09.  He loves to swim, chase birds and squirrels, and he can be such a stinker!  But, when he's tired, he is such a snuggler.  He's very friendly with everyone and everything he meets and is such a delight to have!"  
Kassie & Brent Morkie
"Shawn & I are grateful for the wonderful puppy Angie & her family introduced us to.  He immediatly melted our hearts and has kept us on our toes from day one!  Rumor is exactly the addition to our family we were looking for!  Angie has definately been extremely helpful and truely cares for each and every puppy!  Thanks Again!
*curtesy of KD photography            Morkie
Our Maltipoo is 10 weeks now and she has adjusted well. She is full of spunk for an hour in the morning and an hour at night and the remaining of the day she loves to cuddle. She loves to play with toys or anything else left on the floor. She already sits on command with or without a treat although she would rather have a treat. We are working on potty training and I think she is doing well. She loves everyone in the family. She spends the early morning with my husband and all day with my 5 year old daughter and I. We bring her with us everywhere we go. She rarely barks. She sleeps in her crate all night. She only got up the first 3 nights. She is so easy to spoil with love and lots of attention. Thanks again! 
"Bella...Everyone in my family LOVES her...she is very social and likes to play and is not afraid of anyone or anything!...she is very easy going....she has adapted very well to my cat, "Chili" and they play very well together....I wanted you to know how happy I am with her...Thank you for allowing me to have this beautiful addition to our family!"                                          Eileen
Kirby Puckett is the best friend a person could ask for. He is loyal, smart, loving, and a good fishing partner. Kirby loves to watch a good baseball game with the family, and is a huge fan of the Quamba Cubs!
 I cannot tell you enough how happy we are with Russel!  He is so smart, is such a snuggler, loves going on walks, loves playing fetch, he was SUPER easy to potty train (he actually rings bells on the door to let us know when he needs to go out) and he and Kyli (she just turned 6) are best friends.  Kyli and Russel play hard everyday together and he is great with her.  I always knew I would get another dog from you and I am so grateful we did and chose Russel.  He is wonderful!!  Thank you!!!    Morkie
"We couldn't be happier with our little healthy Murray.  He's great with the kids and is especially cuddly at night when we are relaxing on the couch.  He's brought so much joy to my 2 and 4 year old and we love him very much.  Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful puppy!"
 Nicole Pederson     MaltiPoo
This is our baby Calvin.  He’s fun, loving, is completely spoiled and loves chasing my daughter around the house.  He’s that little ray of sunshine…  thank you Angie…         Morkie
"Coco is so amazing everyone who meets her absolutely loves her... she is great with kids and other dogs also i'm so impressed!!!!!! the car she loves going for rides she even sat in the stanley cup...."      Morkie
I am so happy with the new addition to my home!  Oscar is now almost 6 months old...He brings me so much joy as well as a good workout, he is so full of energy and I love it!  Around the house he loves carrying clothes around and follows me everywhere I go, he’s my little buddy.  Riding in the car is his favorite weekend activity and he gets along great with other dogs, he is not shy at all.
Thank you so much for the great puppy who makes me smile every day, I cannot wait to open the door when I come home and see his sweet little face!  Morkie
... I can take Bells everywhere..., I have a great bag to carry her in and she has been going with ever since we got her, she goes to the doctor, Dentist, shopping, to the VFW meat raffles, she has been to Red Lobster twice...!!      Morkie